Modern-day complete service Beauty Salon & Spa offering cutting edge hairstyling techniques and beauty consultation. Specializing in Extreme Makeovers. D'Magazine also offers nail services, pedicure, waxing, and make up application. D’Magazine Salon Experts only apply the exclusive professional cosmetics of CFC MAKEUP; which can also be acquired at the Salon. 

    Visit and be faced with the unsurpassed team of experts in hair and beauty at Alta Peluqueria D’Magazine Salon, with over 30 years of beauty industry experience. Your contentment is guaranteed!

    Alta Peluqueria D’Magazine Beauty Salon take pride in themselves and the services provided. The services provided to clients come with extra care and pledge. Their calling is to promise and deliver remarkable services and this is what makes them unique. Clients go to D’Magazine experts looking for high quality services and beauty products. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority all the day and every day.


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